The list of the seven Specialties while Christmas celebrations

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In contrast to the merchant, the merchant traders food souvenirs that are on the lips of the West coast of Pangandaran complain  its revenues.

The complaint submitted the wrong food, Religious seprang, 40, the owner of the stall when asked for information by, Saturday (26/12).

According to him, the number of visitors to Pangandaran increases but over it, food traders who were on shore was minimal. In addition to the Religious, nor did little other merchants who complained because the level of the Gallery to purchase warungan is still the standard.

"The Longer the visitor spending resulting in addition to the large number of hawkers fro on shore, as well as the price of the food is far from the standard price, let alone sales peddlers are the same as provided in warungan," he said.

It is submitted, other traders in the Imas shore West of Pangandaran. According to him, the companionship is still much yet sold due to not at least fro hawkers on the beach.

"From morning to this afternoon get new Rp 400 Thousand, usually before the large number of hawkers on the beach, the revenue has already pocketed more than Rp1 million," he said.

Caution Five Region Found no Decent Food Consumption

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Drug and food Supervisory Agency  (BPOM) has been conducting surveillance to every corner selling food and drinks not worth consuming.

From the results of supervision, found the  five largest distribution area is found the food expired.

"The five cities in Kupang, Makassar, Jayapura, Manokrawi, and Sofifi," said the head of the Fda, Roy Hall, Sparringa BPOM, the State Printing, Central Jakarta, Friday (22/12).

More Roy lays out, the number of expired food which is still traded in them instant noodles, sweetened condensed milk, seasoning, tea, powder, drinks and snacks. If dipresentasekan he said, there were about 63 per cent of food expiration off guard from the scrutiny and have been spread in the community.

"Total packaging 76156 packaging itself expires," said Roy.

His own, BPOM do penyidakan in a number of warehouse productions, traditional markets, souvenir shops, food and beverages, supermarkets, supermarkets, and hypermarkets. Do not close the possibility, he said, elsewhere there is still food. Therefore Roy hopes Indonesia society far more alert again.

"Especially those who live in the city, and the five communities in other cities also should still be vigilant," he said.

If the above about food expiration, Roy and BPOM also found as much as food packaging 10507 already damaged. Food packaging is damaged is often occur on the types of soft drinks, beverage powder, UHT sterile milk, sweetened condensed milk, canned fish, and instant noodles.

"To place many of us find in Makassar, Manokrawi, Mataram and Jayapura," he said again.

Lastly, further Roy regarding food products outside the path trespassing or illegal (TIE) also found already spread in the community. I.e. the food that comes from Malaysia, Thailand, and the United States. While the species itself in Medan, Pekanbaru, Batam and Bandung.

As for the surveillance and research, Roy convey if BPOM has done his research since November 20th, 2015 until January 20, 2015. Food surveillance is done for security reasons to protect public health from the circulation of products that don't meet the requirements.

4 variants of Fat Teasing Pinch Cake

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Freshly cooked when ordered, resep kue cubit  scents the sweetness of any direct make nose PuTTY. Pinch cake since a long time favorite of many people. It tastes sweet and cute shape, makes this much sought after snacks.

Now, not just a pinch cake rely  resep kue seblak on simple recipes. With additional flavors and colors of cake game pinch conjured so nuanced fusion meals. Check out some of the stalls that sell cake pinch with exciting variants and very tempting, as followed from the Qraved.

1. Suntiang-Pinch Cake Kit Kat Green Tea

Suntiang using the Kit Kat Green Tea Cake on the menu cubitnya. Sounds strange indeed, but the taste is very delicious. Restaurant Suntiang does have a unique concept, presenting food with a mix of Indonesia and Japan.
Address: Grand Indonesia Mall, floor 3A, West Mall, JL. MH. Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta Indonesia, Thamrin, Jakarta

2. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Cafeteria pastries Pinch Taro

The market of Santa is indeed most fitting destination so if you are looking for innovative foods. One of which you can taste the cake is made from Taro pinch. Not only tasteful, color cake pinch is also very tempting.
Address: Upper Floor Of Santa, Market Ground, Cipaku I, Jl. Senopati, Jakarta Indonesia, Senopati, Jakarta

3. Cake Pinch Pinch Cake-Kemang Oreo Matured

Pinch cake alone can already make the tongue was hooked. Moreover, plus a remahan Oreo as taburannya. Than you are curious, just pinch cake message immediately, which indeed does not exist elsewhere.
Address: Food Garden, Jl. Kemang Raya, Kemang, Jakarta Indonesia, Kemang, Jakarta

4. Pinch of Red Velvet Cake-Bitten By You

Bitten By arguably one of aneka kue cubit which develops flavor. Its Center is the city of Bogor, but now also in Jakarta, precisely in the area of Tebet. Variant a pinch must try cake is a cake and Red Velvet Ovomaltine pinch him.

Take note! This Steak recipe with Mouth-watering coffee Baluran

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resep iga bakar Cooking red meat as well as beef and mutton, does require its own challenges so that the texture of the meat is tender when chewed. Generally, to obtain the texture of the meat is tender, cooking was done by way of the meat is cut into sections, then simmered with a relatively long time. The way can indeed produce the texture of the meat is tender. But did you know that the softness of texture and sensation of juicy meat will be reduced. HHMM ...

No need to worry, it turns out there are several natural substances that can be used to get the texture of the meat is tender, without the need to go through a long process of boiling. Based on information from Chef Boy Dhenny Gunawan (34) received jitunews via short messages, the coffee is one of the ingredients that could make the texture of the meat to become tender. Coffee not only delicious to drink, but could also be used to manipulate the meat tough. "In addition to soften, coffee can also reinforce the taste of the meat," he said.

Experienced chef at Hotel Gran Hyat and other leading restaurants, said, this method of meat pengempukkan with coffee that is, make a cup of hot coffee is thick, then refrigerate. After that, the coffee used for marinating meat. Perendamannya process takes up to 24 hours, so that the meat is later really tender after cooking.

Well now, if you already know how to soften the texture of the meat using coffee grounds. Yuk, all delicious flavored rice crackers steak recipe five stars hotel a la Chef Boy Dhenny Gunawan. Like what? Take a look  resep gulai kambing and be sure to write down the recipe steps below yaa ...

1 tbsp ground coffee
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp paprika powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 TSP garlic powder
1/2 tsp black pepper powder
3 pieces of beef
2 tbsp vegetable oil

2 green chilies
1 clove garlic
1 piece of lime
6 tbsp salted butter
salt to taste

How To Make:
1. Material: prepare the ingredients and clean the meat, and then dry it with a water absorbent special paper.
2. mix a mean coffee, chili powder, sugar, salt and pepper in a small bowl.
3. Marinade: Peel the lemons, garlic and chili. Cut thin and small.
4. combine pieces of lemon, garlic, and chilies together with butter. Mix until evenly distributed. Then prepare the plastic white and apply the material on it. Wrap the meat in plastic and let sit until approximately 30 minutes.
5. After 30 minutes, open the plastic wrap and baluri the meat with a mixture of coffee, chili powder, sugar, salt and pepper until evenly distributed.
6. Prepare a grill, and then roast the meat for 4 to 6 minutes. Make sure all parts of the meat is cooked evenly.
7. Presentation: Serve the Steak with french fries, and a slice of lemon as a garnis

Tips On How To Make The Pudding To Make It More Perfect

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Pudding is a dessert that is widely favored by many societies ranging from children to adults. ---resep puding coklat Moreover, in times of hot weather stinging like today, fresh custard dishes certainly highly anticipated by your family.

Actually, how to make pudding is very easy because it's been a lot of instant pudding powder is available in shops or markets. The following tips to make more perfect pudding as reported by boldsky.

1. Add eggs

The protein in the egg will be solidified when hot. Besides the addition of egg custard flavor will make ever more delicious and nutritious.

2. Lightly coat the plastic

When cool the custard, lightly coat the surface with plastic wrap so that the texture remains the same and not rough when cold.

3. change according to taste

The pudding is very adaptable. If your family likes pudding with more chocolate or more milk. You can add it exceeds that indicated in the recipe. But, make sure takarannya stays balanced.

4. use cocoa powder for chocolate pudding

Use cocoa powder to add a taste of chocolate on pudding. Do not use solid chocolate melted down because it can ruin the texture of pudding you read more recipe like resep kue  lapis

Patent Controversy Tempe Mendoan Banyumas

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After tempe mendoan ---resep tempe mendoan patented as a trademark by the individual, this time Achmad Husein Banyumas Regent does not want to concede any more.

He'd patented original specialties Banyumas, including various types of artistry or a typical product of the original Banyumas.

'' The controversy over the case of a patented mendoan trademarked it, be the lesson that we have to take the considerations behind. Looking ahead, we will be patented a number of food, art and products typical of Banyumas, so that in the future could no longer claimed the other parties, '' clearly the Regent after receiving Fudji Wong, the citizens of Banyumas who had patented the name mendoan as brand name products its trading, Wednesday (18/11).

He mentioned, in addition to mendoan, there is still plenty of food and other types of art typical of Banyumas which should be patentable as food and traditional arts society Banyumas. Among other dage and Banyumas soto (snacks from the dregs of tofu). As for the art products, there is the art of batik motif or lengger Banyumas.

For patented products food and the arts, Achmad Husein Banyumas Regent will mengonsultasikan it with the legal section of the Setda Banyumas. Afterwards, will be consulted by Ditjen COPYRIGHT Ministry of Justice. As well as the needs of the costs.

'' If the cost of the patent process would be done gradually, '' he explained.

Related polemics surrounding the use of the word mendoan as the trademark name, the Regent admitted, in the meeting Fudji Wong had handed over the certificate of registration of the brand to the District Government mendoan Banyumas. Through the surrender of the certificate, Fudji Wong has officially ceded its rights over the trademark mendoan.

About follow-ups, the Regent claiming to be conducting further consultations with Ditjen HAKI.

' We will still consult with Ditjen HAKI. After that, it will be decided whether a trademark mendoan it will be eliminated, or later patented simultaneously by the District Government as a genuine product of Banyumas, '' he said. via kokimganteng